Announcing Karina van Dalen-Oskam as our keynote speaker!

Karina has been working at Huygens ING since June 2005 where she is head of the department of Literary Studies. Her research focuses on computational literary studies and she is engaged in the development of methods and techniques for the stylistic analysis of modern Dutch (and English) novels. She is also professor of Computational Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam and in November 2015 she became chair of the international digital humanities organization ADHO (Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations).

Announcing Christof Schöch as our first keynote speaker!

Christof is a Professor of Digital Humanities at the University of Trier, Germany, and Co-Director of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities. Also, mentor of the early-career research group Computational Literary Genre Stylistics (CLiGS) at the University of Würzburg, chair of the COST Action Distant Reading for European Literary History, and president of the Digital Humanities Association for the German-speaking area (DHd).