International Journal of Digital Humanities

Springer, one of the most renown publisher of scientific books and journals has started a new journal, the International Journal of Digital Humanities. The editor-in chief of the journal is Gábor Palkó, and the editorial team includes leading researchers from digital humanities centres in Vienna, Graz, Ghent and in Göttingen.

The first issue of IJDH is dedicated to the subject of “born-digital archives”. It ventures to shape the discussion on methodological approaches towards the digital archives of our historical present with philological, digital forensic, and archival science perspectives on private digital archives, domain-specific, as well as general web-archives, research archive infrastructures and hardware musea that preserve networking history. (Guest editor: Thorsten Ries)

The second issue of IJDH addresses the theory and practice of digital scholarly editing. The relatively new and mutable digital medium brings along its own set of challenges and opportunities. This field in flux is what the current issue of Digital Scholar aims to come to terms with. Theoretical concerns are complemented with more practical approaches to digital scholarly editing, as researchers report on the development of new tools for modelling, processing, analyzing, visualizing variance and translations across versions. Through such juxtapositions, this issue of Digital Scholar intends to offer an interesting cross-section of the current state of the art and inspire more debate in the field of digital scholarly editing. (Guest editor: Dirk van Hulle)