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April - May Digital Humanities Online Course (EN)

Dear All, 

In the current semester (2023/24/2), the Department of Digital Humanities offers an online course for all international PhD students to complete the compulsory PhD workshop in Digital Humanities 

The course will be available from the 8th of April to the 3rd of May. The course will be available here.  

You can apply for the course by filling in this form until the 11th of April, 23:59.  

After completing the application form, students have nothing else to do until they are notified by email once they have been added to the course interface 

Teaching objective 

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to reflectively use state-of-the-art digital methodologies for the cultivation of their field of specialization, and to access digital literature in their field. They will also learn how to avoid data loss, gain greater media literacy and deepen their knowledge of safe Internet use 

Content of the training 

  • Knowledge of the reflective use and literature on digital methodologies for humanities studies and research (search methodology, databases and networks in theory and practice, etc.)  

  • Basic digital philology skills (digital text output, data description standards, versioning, etc.)  

  • Students will also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with learning and teaching tools such as Quizlet, Time.Graphics, Bubbl.us, Graphviz and Zotero developing the competences to be used in humanities studies (data and metadata, standards, rights and permissions, data archiving, etc.) 

System of accountability and evaluation:  

All modules of the course will be assessed by online assignments on mooc.elte.hu (ELTE’s other Canvas system). Assessment is done using Canvas’ own assessment system. If the student completes at least 9 modules in 4 weeks with a score above 60%, the course is considered as completed.  

All the other information needed to complete the course can be found in the general information section of the course interface. Please note: although you can’t find the courses in Neptun, and can’t apply for them there, the fact of completion will be recorded as a general entry in Neptun, under studies, under the Official notes section. 

We hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity! Good luck in completing the course! 

All the best 

DH Team