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Digital scholarly editions in Hungary
Szilvia Maróthy

The aim of the research is to collect and process Hungarian digital scholarly editions with the pretense of completeness. The digital philology community uses two catalogues of digital scholarly editions. One is Patrick Sahle’s annotated bibliography, which has today 408 items [https://www.digitale-edition.de/], the other is Greta Franzini’s ongoing project [https://github.com/gfranzini/digEds_cat/]. The latter is much more closer to a catalogue in a librarian sense, though they do not apply such a metadata schema and their main aim is rather to find best practices for creating DSEs in the future. These two catalogues contain only one Hungarian item, so – contributing to the Digital Humanities Centre – I make the Catalogue of the Hungarian Digital Scholarly Editions to enrich these collections and library catalogues as well. The catalogue, which uses the suitable international standards and is free to access, will be contained by the Centre’s repository connected to other services.