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In cooperation with the ELTE University Library, ELTE.DH began to develop a semantic-based data repository for Digital Humanities data curation and publication, in which the Online Knowledge Base of Hungarian Philosophy is being created as a pilot project. This project aims to collect texts, sound- and video recordings that are relevant to the history of Hungarian philosophy.The materials of the repository will fill gaps in this scientific area, and will hopefully help to make an outline for the history of the Hungarian philosophical canon.

The software base for this and other projects in the future is the open source Islandora CLAW which was released recently and had been greatly improved compared to previous versions. The most essential upgrade was the change in the infrastructure. Islandora CLAW consists of a Drupal 8 content management system, a Fedora 4 database, a Blazegraph database, a Solr search engine and a synchronisation component. Some of the features provided by Islandora CLAW are: site management, localization, the creation of personalised forms by using unique or standard metadata descriptions, like dublin core or the schema.org along with Fedora RDF mapping. Certain features can only be accessed by downloading external modules. These include for example displaying dynamic content and audiovisual materials, batch import, automatic indexing, etc.